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Property Manager

The Senior Property Manager is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of residential properties and tenant satisfaction. Their duties include scheduling routine maintenance items, overseeing a team of resident and maintenance staff and enforcing rental terms. Contact corporate office for the full job description.

Project Manager

The Real Estate Project Manager is responsible for delivering all aspects of real estate development projects on time and budget, identifying and reporting to project funding sources, handling pay applications, managing schedule, directing construction teams, and reporting regularly to project owners. Contact corporate office for the full job description.


Directors of Property Management and Project Management are responsible for the operations, monitoring, and oversee all property and project related activities, in addition to upholding the company's values and effective communications with tenants, partners, consultants, lenders, and stakeholders. Contact corporate office for the full job description.

Acquisitions Manager

The Acquisition Manager has a knowledge of key financial concepts and metrics as they relate to the multifamily real estate industry, including capitalization rates, internal rates of return, cash-on-cash returns, DSCR and return on investment strategies. The Acquisition Manager also carries a strong affordable housing finance background.  The AM also prepares financial analyses for prospective real estate investments including detailed cash flow projections, market and property due diligence, financing, and partnership structuring. Contact corporate office for the full job description.

Corporate Administrator

The core duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Administrator revolve around supporting corporate staff members. The Corporate Administrator is responsible for supporting the overall company’s objective, policies, and procedures. Duties include, but not limited to, organizing project/property meetings, greeting office visitors, clients, vendors, and tenant relations, in addition to composing documents, appointment scheduling and supply ordering on behalf of Property Managers.

Program Manager

The Program Manager oversees and coordinates different related projects within SWB Delivers structure to ensure they benefit one another and meet business goals.  

Main duties include organizing various programs and activities to improve company efficiencies, building long-term goals for company projects and developing program and project budgets. Contact corporate office for the full job description.

Housing Counselor

Housing Counselors provide intake; coordinate and monitor the assessment, treatment/intervention
planning process and follow-up for each client; serves as an advocate and liaison for and on behalf of client.

The Housing Counselor will help in building client self-sufficiency around family systems, housing, budgeting, employment, educational training, health, and other human services, with an emphasis on long-term economic and housing stability in keeping with company goals.
Contact corporate office for the full job description.

Human Resources & Accounts Director

The Human Resource clerk is responsible to assist the Principal with hiring, reporting and State employment requirements as deemed necessary to comply with the company's overall business practices.  The Accounting Specialist will administer all financial aspects of project and property management related matters, in addition to the month-end close process, journal entries, and reconciliations of general ledger accounts. Contact corporate office for the full job description.


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