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Our team is our family. We work together to ensure our tenants and customers are provided with excellent services. In addition to our Executive Management Team, we acknowledge our back-office workers, field staff, partners and consultants that ensure our properties and projects are managed professionally and according to company standards.
Executive Team

Corporate Office

  • Property Management

    Lalonie Yates, Sr. Property Manager


    (510) 833-2154 Ext. 104

  • SWB Delivers Outreach Program

    Gary Johnson, Program Manager


    (510) 833-2154 Ext. 102

    Leah Salgado, Sr. Housing Counselor


    (510) 833-2154 Ext. 101

  • Real Estate Development

    Detra L. Harris, Principal


    (510) 833-2154 Ext. 103

  • Acquisitions

    Cleveland Mitchell, Acquisitions Manager


    (510) 833-2154 Ext 100

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