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Executive team

On the front line

We work together to build strong relationships with our tenants, clients and vendors.

Detra L. Harris

Principal, Managing Partner

Detra L. Harris, is a Bay Area native, locally born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She is a multi-business owner, a realtor, a real estate investor, landlord, property manager, and a mentor that carries over 30 years of experience in the real estate investments, management and development. Her management portfolio includes over 15,000 units of conventional and affordable housing communities collectively, 128 million in asset management. Her residential development portfolio includes 164 units (scattered sites) of new construction. She holds a HUD Certified Occupancy Specialist Certification (COS), Certified Multifamily Specialist (CMS), Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) as well as a Certified Tax Credit Specialist (TCS). 

Cleveland Mitchell III

Acquisitions Manager

Cleveland Mitchell III has been in the Property Management, and Real Estate Sales industry for the past 5 years. He holds a California Real Estate License and received his bachelors from Holy Names University in Marketing and Communications.  He holds a HUD Certified Personnel of Occupancy (CPO), Tax Credit Specialist (TCS), California Certified Residential Manager (CCRM). He has managed and operated over 2000 market rate and affordable units during his short tenure.


LynDonna Gamez

Senior Property Manager

LynDonna Gamez has extensive experience in affordable housing management with emphasis on operations, staffing, tenant retention, policy and compliance administration.  Her expertise serves multifamily and affordable housing communities. 

LynDonna has worked for top management companies in the Bay Area for several years allowing her to obtain HUD (Certified Occupancy Specialist) and Tax Credit Specialist certifications, in addition to supportive housing training.

Her expertise includes rehab management, financial reporting and agency regulatory responsibilities.

our management team

Professional, Reliable & Experienced

Our team is our family. We work together on all projects to ensure our tenants and customers are satisfied and provided with excellent services. In addition to our Executive Management Team, we acknowledge our back office workers; Gregg Harris, Regional Maintenance Supervisor (All States), Cynt Palumar, Executive Assistant (All States), Ivonne Diaz, Administrative Assistant (Corporate Office), Tim Mbogo, A/P & A/R Clerk (All States) Dimitrius Lewis (Ohio Property Manager), Jae Howard (Minnesota Property Manager), Ryan Welch (Cincinnati Property Manager)  and Ryland MacDonald (Texas Property Manager).

Eleanor Hall, Project Manager for New Developments

Eleanor Hall brings 10+ years of complex program and project management experience to the development of 15010 Broadway Terrace. During her career she has initiated and lead both non-profit and for-profit ventures, forming strategic partnerships and securing $2M in investor financing while guiding complex projects towards positive outcomes. A skilled project manager and relationship-builder, Eleanor has spent much of her professional career operating within networks of professionals to achieve positive results. She has a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Oakland hills, and currently resides in Montclair.


Meet Our Board of Directors

Our board of directors collectively carry over 50 years of experience in the real estate investing and management industries. We share a passion to help others achieve financial wealth through real estate investing. We believe housing is a human right. Since our conception, we have acquired, managed, and/or developed more than $14 million in assets. Our target market includes affordable housing projects, land banking and market-rate housing.

Curtiss Sykes

Treasurer, Curtiss Sykes is a business owner and real estate investor with several years of experience managing client relationships and business transactions. Curtiss joined Strive Wealth Builders in 2017. He is commitment and diligence to his personal wealth building experience which has inspired many Strive members to succeed and prosper as they move forward with their growth and life experiences.

Scott Isacksen

Member @ Large, Scott Isacksen is a real estate investor who owns several apartment buildings and has spent over 10 years in maintaining multifamily communities. Scott joined Strive Wealth Builders in 2017.

His experience has brought a perspective of long-term maintenance of a property and problem solving that comes from years of experience. Scott currently is overseeing a portfolio of rental properties totaling more than 620 units ranging from duplexes to low rise buildings.

Detra L. Harris

President, Founder of Strive Real Estate, Strive Wealth Builders and SWB Delivers Outreach Program.

Detra brings passion and commitment to the communities she serves.  She believes housing is a human right.  She discovered real estate management in 1991 and knew this is where she wanted to grow her knowledge and excel in this field.  Her most successful business was "Brick Housing Management", where she accomplished more than 4 million in annual sales consecutively over 10 years and employed more than 300 employees. Her professional work history includes; A.F. Evans, Acorn Housing Corporation, Contra Costa County Housing Authority, Harbor Bay Isle Homeowners Association,  Christian Church Homes,  AIMCO and FPI Management. She was honored by the California State Assembly in 2001 with a Certificate of Recognition, in honor of, “Your Exemplary Commitment to Helping Seniors and Low-Income Individuals and Families Through Your Efforts to Provide Affordable Housing and Job Training”, in addition to many more awards and recognitions throughout her professional career.

Gregg D. Harris

Secretary, Founder of Strive Wealth Builders and General Partner of Strive Real Estate and SWB Delivers Outreach Program.

Gregg worked in the airlines industry for many years and later joined Bayer Corporation in 2007 as a technician.  His commitment to community work involved launching a non profit organization named "ALC" in 2009 which served the low income senior population with affordable housing and transportation.  Through his efforts, along with his wife, grew the organization to more than 36 doors of affordable housing and transportation services through the Bay Area. Thereafter, his work includes empowering local real estate investors and like-minded people to grow passive income through real estate investing by providing a platform for discussion and education.  In addition, Strive Real Estate LLC was launched in 2017, his contribution over the past 4 years involves supervision of maintenance operations and serving as the Secretary on the Board of Directors. 

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LynDonna Gamez, Senior Property Manager

Cleveland Mitchell III - Acquisition Manager

Ivonne Diaz, Administrative Assistant

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Ryan Welch - Cincinnati Property Manager

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